We are planning more puppies!

I invite you to follow my webpage, as we are planning more puppies. Their father will also be 2xVA PEDRO vom Langenbungert.
We are planning the coverage for 2015, so the puppies should arrive soon!

All of our puppies found their homes!

All of my HOPE's puppies found their homes. I left for myself only two - a dog and a bitch. However, we are planning new puppies soon! In the meantime, I invite you to have a look at the photos of the first offspring of HOPE.

I invite you to buy puppies!

The puppies of my HOPE have all been wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.
I invite you to purchase!
I run a legitimate and registered kennel. Puppies are pedigree, their father is 2xVA PEDRO vom Langenbungert!

Please contact me to buy.

My Puppies

I am happy to announce that on 19 October 2014 our HOPE gave birth to puppies. Her doggies are lovely. Their father is 2xVA PEDRO vom Langenbungert himself!

We invite you to browse the first batch of photos of our puppies. You can also book a puppy today! The dogs come from a very good combination of parents, the father a world class champion and a very promising mother.